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Madrasah Perdaus

Why choose Madrasah Perdaus?

Madrasah Perdaus offers quality, holistic and structured weekend Islamic education for children who are from the pre-school level to primary and secondary level. Our aim is to shape young Muslims to be comfortable with and appreciate their Muslim identity and thus we approach the learning of Islam in a very hands-on manner. Students are not limited to stay within the classroom, but will also enjoy fieldtrips and camps as part of their learning landscape and holistic development.

Our desired outcomes for our students, in sha Allah:


  • Able to know and love Allah.

  • Able to distinguish between bad deeds and good deeds.

  • Able to solat individually.

  • Able to read the Al Qur’an independently.

  • Able to relate actions from the act of the prophets to their daily experience.

  • Able to live harmoniously with others based on Islamically appropriate conduct.


  • Proud to be a Muslim.

  • Able to relate and apply his knowledge in being a practising Muslim in his everyday life.

  • Aware of his beliefs and principles and thus responsible for his actions.

  • Able to reflect and make positive changes on himself.

  • Practise effective good social behaviour in his interactions with other (adab & akhlaq)

  • Able to identify issues that appear to be conflicting to their understanding of Islamic belief and principles.

Age Range:

3 to 17 years old


Pre-nursery, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary


Bukit Batok and Bedok

In The Media

Please see our write-ups in Berita Harian on our Madrasah Perdaus and Tertiary education:

Iqra' Sessions

Madrasah Perdaus also offers Iqra’ classes (recognising Arabic letters and learning/improving basic Arabic recitation) as stand-alone sessions or as remedial lessons for students who seek it. We admit students aged 7 years old and above for this programme.

Fardhu 'Ain Foundation Programme

The Fardhu ‘Ain Foundation programme is offered as a bridging class for those who wish to attend upper primary or secondary level but have no basic Islamic religious knowledge. After completion of this course, students will be streamed to the class level appropriate for their respective ages in Madrasah Perdaus.


We admit students who are aged 11 to 15 years old for this programme.

Which programme should your child enrol in?


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