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Past Events

MDWP | NS Hacks: A Guide for Muslim Enlistees (2023 online edition)

MDWP | Didik & Sekolah Anak: Madrasah Atau Tidak?

MDWP | Don’t Swipe Left: What Parents Should Know About Cyber Wellness

MDWP | All Doom and Gloom: How to Help My Kids?

MDWP | Puberty Talk: How to Raise Well-Adjusted Children

MDWP The Musafir Series: What, When and Where of Solat 

MDWP The Musafir Series: What Can We Eat?

MDWP Apr 2021 Ramadhan in the New Norm with Your Little Ones

MDWP: The Blessings of Time by Ustazah Nur Hidayah Azman

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