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Perdaus Youth

Perdaus Youth : The Leader in Building Young Leaders

As an extension of the part-time Islamic education offered in Madrasah Perdaus, post-secondary Islamic education in Perdaus for youth hopes to further develop the potential of the young Muslim. We present you the Certificate in Islamic Studies for Youth -- more affectionately known as SPIB!

Many of our youth students appreciate that there are no exams in our youth courses. We understand this may be an additional burden for young people who are in the middle of huge transitions in life, such as experiencing life as new tertiary students with heavy coursework, and/or starting working life.

Our programmes are centred in experiential- and service-learning, besides classroom hours. With this approach, we hope to instill in students living and experiencing Islam, while learning what it takes to become leaders.


  • A weekly 2-year programme

  • 2 hours per session per week

  • 8 core modules

  • Option of Bedok or Bukit Batok Centre

  • Includes workshops, camps, community outreach projects, and expeditions

  • Fees: $65/month

  • Direct entry to Advanced Certificate in Islamic Studies for Youth (ACIS)


  • To provide for youths an avenue to continue their part-time Islamic education at the post-secondary level

  • To develop youths who recognise themselves as Muslims who contribute to the advancement of the community

  • To involve youths in activities that increases their spiritual awareness

  • To provide youths a platform to discuss current issues in Islam in the context of Singapore and the influence of extremist ideologies


Download SPIB Brochure Here!


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